Mens Orthotic Inserts – Made in the USA


Ped Pillows™ are medical-grade, prefabricated orthotic inserts / insoles hand-crafted in the U.S.A.  Men’s Orthotics.



Ped Pillows™

Medical-grade, prefabricated orthotic inserts and orthotic insoles hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

The one type for men:

  • Full Length/Sport – athletic and tennis shoes

When ordering, they come in sizes 7-14 with no half size.  When ordering a half size, order up to the next full size.

They are designed to help

Plantar Fasciitis
Adult Aquired Flat Foot (AAFF)
Heel spurs
Fat pad atrophy
Knee pain
Foot/leg fatigue
Excessive Pronation
Back pain

Ped Pillows™ are made with the same unique materials that are used in our custom orthotics. A thin, Polypropylene shell is sandwiched between two layers of extremely soft cushion to provide excellent support and shock absorption.


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