Protruding Pus from Toe

Mr. B. is our nice patient with the severe infection in the toe.  We first saw him in December, 2018, when the to was full of exudate, or pus, and we incised and drained it.  At that visit, the xrays showed that the infection had gotten into one of the toe bones.    You can see the c-shaped punched-out area on the side of the bone, in the first xray. That is bone erosion from the infection.

Check out the video here

Although the toe is looking much better now, as you can see in the pictures from his appointment in January, 2019, the xray tells another story.  A close look at the bone shows a little more of the bone has eroded.  This means the infection in the bone has progressed. 

Check out the video here

Just because the bone is infected does not mean it needs to be amputated.  The antibiotics can still work and heal the bone, but need more time.

We will take a new xray when he returns in February, 2019 and we will gladly post photos of those xrays.

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Dr Nail Nipper