InAlign for Bunions

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Meet Jim, the patient in the video. He lived for many years with a bunion on the right foot that kept progressing, getting larger and larger. He had trouble finding shoes that were comfortable. Not only was the bunion bump pressing against the side of the shoe, but the hammertoe is hitting up against the top of the shoe and rubbing with every step.

InAlign for Bunions 1

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Jim is an architect by training and spent much of his career designing software and computer systems. He sees problems like this as an opportunity. So he set out to create a device that would hold his wayward toes in a more comfortable position. InAlign is what he came up with for his problem. He wears it in his shoes, all of his shoes, even sandals, and it is comfortable for him all day.

InAlign for Bunions 2

As he started to show friends and relatives his wonderful, comfortable device, he learned that there are quite a few people out here in the world that are also dealing with these issues. In fact, his research found that at least 25% of the adult population suffers from bunions. Twice as many women have this issue as men.

Before creating the InAlign device, he bought and used every product style available for bunions. Either the product slid around in the shoe, or was too bulky or did not allow for normal motion of the toes and foot. There were some that did not fit in the shoe at all. No product was what he was imagining in his mind, that would fit comfortably, hold the toes in proper alignment and that he could wear in all of his shoes. The prototype that you see in the video was the result of years of working with his engineer friends.

His goal is to produce this product for the mass market of bunion sufferers. To do this, he is going to turn to crowd funding. I personally have not seen any other product that does what this product can do. Remember, this is not “fixing” the bunion. Nothing will “fix” the bunion except surgery. I know there are a lot of things out there that claim they will, but they really won’t. What he is trying to do with the InAlign device is to “manage” the deformity, not “fix” it.

So, I thought it would be fun to put up a video this week that is not about toenails, but another issue that affects thousands upon thousands of people in our society. We can address other types of treatments both surgical and non-surgical in a later video. I know this sounds like a long advertisement for InAlign, and in a way it is. We want to generate interest, enough to get this product to market.

In full disclosure, I have been helping Jim create this product, along with other medical and engineering experts, because I really think it will solve many of the problems that the current items on the market do not do well. I would love to have this as an option to offer my patients.

To signup for more information go to: https://www.drnailnipper.com/inAlign