Have You Seen these Bunions? (2020)

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Dr Nail Nipper works on her patient from the beginning of the year. She has the type of bunions that look painful, but watch the discussion.
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¿Has visto estos juanetes?
Hast du diese Ballen gesehen?
Avez-vous vu ces oignons?
Você já viu esses joanetes?
क्या आपने इन बानों को देखा है?
Hai visto questi borsiti?
이 기사들을 보셨습니까?
คุณเคยเห็น Bunions เหล่านี้หรือไม่?
Nakita mo na ba ang mga Bunions na ito?
Вы видели эти косточки?
Bạn đã thấy những chú thỏ này chưa?
Czy widziałeś te buniony?
Bu Bunyonları Gördün mü?