Callus Tuesday is Like a Fish Aquarium or a Babbling Brook (2020)

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Dr Nail Nipper is going for soothing and refeshing view of fish in an aquarium. If you would like this video to replace your Yule Log, let us know. We can make it available in short or long versions for your next screen.

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Callus Tuesday es como un acuario de peces o un arroyo balbuceo
Callus Tuesday ist wie ein Fischaquarium oder ein plätschernder Bach
Callus Tuesday est comme un aquarium de poissons ou un ruisseau Babbling
Terça-feira de calo é como um aquário de peixes ou um riacho murmurante
कैलस मंगलवार फिश एक्वेरियम या बेबब्ल